Using Generators in Final Cut Pro – Ultimate Guide

Final Cut Pro is a popular iOS video editing application that offers editors and filmmakers various features, including generators. These tools allow users to add backgrounds, textures, and other elements to their projects.

To use generators in Final Cut Pro, select the Titles and Generators icon, then choose the Generators tab. All of the Final Cut Pro visual elements will appear to the right of this tab, including backgrounds and textures. Editors can drag their chosen element onto the timeline to apply it. 

This guide will discuss everything you need to know about using generators in Final Cut Pro. You can utilize this information to improve your editing techniques and create distinct, high-quality videos with Final Cut Pro. 

What Are Generators Used for in Final Cut Pro?

Generators in Final Cut Pro have several uses, including adding solid-colored backgrounds, timecodes, and countdowns to video projects. These various visual elements can help editors make their videos more engaging, exciting, and unique.

flower background generator in Final Cut Pro
flower background generator in Final Cut Pro

A generator is also an excellent way to add titles to your project. If you’re eager to create a title sequence or credit list for your video, generators can make it far easier to get the job done.

Still, understanding how to apply generators in Final Cut Pro can be challenging, especially if you’ve never worked with generators before. 

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How Do I Use a Generator in Final Cut Pro?

Final Cut Pro comes with several dozen unique generators, and editors can quickly browse these by selecting the ‘Generators’ tab within the Titles and Generators menu. However, it’s often easier to utilize the built-in categorization system than to scroll through the entire library.

Though users can create customized generator templates, Final Cut Pro comes with five categories of generators from which to choose:

  • 360𝆩
  • Backgrounds
  • Elements
  • Solids
  • Textures

To use a generator in Final Cut Pro, do the following:

  1. In the upper-left corner of the final cut pro window, click on the “Titles and Generators” button as shown in the screenshot below.
Click on the Titles and Generators button
Click on the Titles and Generators button
  1. Scroll down to the “Generators” section and pick the category of generator you want from the list by clicking on it.
Generators options in Final Cut Pro
Generators options in Final Cut Pro
  1. Once you have clicked on the generator category, you should see a bunch of installed generators to the right as shown in the screenshot below. Select the one you want by clicking on it.
Selecting a generator from the Elements section in Final Cut Pro
Selecting a generator from the Elements section in Final Cut Pro
  1. Click on the generator and drag it into the timeline where you want it to go as shown in the screenshot below. Release the mouse button once you have it in position.
Dragging a generator into the timeline in Final Cut Pro
Dragging a generator into the timeline in Final Cut Pro
  1. Your generator should now be in place as shown in the screenshot below.

From there, you can customize the settings for the element by accessing the Advanced Properties menu to the right of the preview screen.

Each generator has a specific set of properties, and editors will likely want to experiment with these settings to explore each generator further.

For example, if you’d like to add a shape to your video, you can use the Advanced Properties menu to customize your chosen shape, alter its color, change its position within the frame, or increase its transparency. 

The best way to use any given generator depends on the nature of your project. You can also choose to modify generators with the Apple iOS Motion application. However, editing generators can be a time-consuming process.

Fortunately, external generators are available from third-party creators, and importing these elements into Final Cut Pro typically takes a few minutes. 

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How To Import a Generator Into Final Cut Pro

One of the best and simplest ways to import a generator into Final Cut Pro is to purchase and install the Motion application. This additional software makes it easy for video editors to customize and create effects for Final Cut Pro.

However, Motion also stores and organizes external, third-party generators and effects. As such, it’s a helpful multipurpose tool for anyone looking to import generators into Final Cut Pro. 

Still, those that would rather upload generators directly to Final Cut Pro can do so by accessing the application folder within their iOS Applications menu. Unfortunately, navigating to the Templates folder from this point can be challenging, as you’ll need to select several internal folders.

If you prefer to import generators manually, be sure to check out this helpful video explaining the complete process: 

Best Generators for Final Cut Pro

Final Cut Pro’s generators can be exceptionally helpful, though their purposes vary. For example, editors looking to add a title card to their video project may prefer to use generators that fall within the ‘Backgrounds’ category.

However, editors looking to create a detailed storyboard within their timeline may prefer to use the placeholder generator within the ‘Elements’ category. As such, the best generators for Final Cut Pro are those that help you bring your project ideas to life. 

Users can download third-party generators to increase the number of visual elements in Final Cut Pro. Some of these externally-added visual effects are available for free, while others are paid packages.

If you’re looking for a slightly more diverse range of generators to use in Final Cut Pro, be sure to consider high-quality plugin toolboxes like MotionVFX, which is what I use to add awesome effects, titles, background, and transitions to my videos.

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Generators allow video editors to employ visual elements that can improve the quality and effectiveness of their projects. Moreover, using them is a relatively straightforward process. 

You’ll need to open the Titles and Generators menu, select a generator, and drag that element onto the project timeline. Users can also choose to modify generators in the Motion application or purchase third-party plugins and effects.